About Hunny Software

abstract envelopeAt Hunny Software, we believe like many others that email is widely regarded as the "Killer" application of the Internet.

We understand that email applications cross cultures as well as platforms and introduce challenges for both users and developers.

An absolute necessity for business and a welcome convenience for home, email provides a vehicle for fast and effective communication by eliminating the time delivery concerns associated with other forms of transport. These characteristics have contributed to the acceptance of email as the preferred mode of communication and placed it on a path of continuous growth that shows no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future.

The Hunny Team has years of experience and expertise in software development and messaging technologies.

We understand that the inherent limitations of email have created the need for more sophisticated and powerful development tools. These and other factors continue to drive our commitment to develop the highest quality libraries and products that give software developers a competitive edge in producing Internet messaging related products and services.