A Mature MIME Object Model For .NET Programmers

For the .NET developer, Hunny Software offers MIME.NET, an outstanding tool for parsing or generating MIME messages in the .NET framework. Whether you prefer C#, Visual Basic.NET, or some other CLS-compliant programming language, MIME.NET provides the same advantages as the Framework Class Library from Micrsoft: well-documented, re-usable components.

Use Hunny MIME.Net alone, or combine it with Hunny Mail.Net to send and receive email with SMTP, POP3, or IMAP4.

Hunny MIME.NET Features at a Glance

Complete MIME Implementation - All content types. Complex MIME multipart messages..htm email. Base64, quoted-printable, MacMIME, uuencode, BinHex 4.0 encodings. Full internationalization.   CLS Compliant - Use it with any .NET-compatible programming language: C#, Visual Basic.NET, Managed C++, JScript.NET, Perl, and more.
Helpful Examples - MIME email,.htm email, file attachments, and more.   Versatile - Allows parsing, creating, or modifying MIME messages at the lowest level possible.
Standards Compliant - Conforms to RFCs. Tested for interoperability.   Reliable - Thoroughly tested by our engineers.
Thorough Documentation - Tutorial. How-To Guide. Complete reference manual.   Easy To Use - Intuitive API. Convenience functions. High-level abstractions.
Source Code Available - Well-documented and readable source code available.   Support Contracts Available - Reasonable rates by email experts.
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