XStream Parsing

Our goal in creating these tools goes beyond helping C or C++ programmers to add parsing, encoding, or decoding functionality to their applications. We feel that Hunny XStream MIME also satisfies these goals:


Because of pressure to meet deadlines, developers rarely have the time to optimize the code that they have written. And, in truth, high-peformance is not required for every application. However, the MIME parsing tool and the base64 tools have been optimized for speed, and we believe them to be possibly the fastest such tools available.

Support for other programming languages

Scripting languages are popular with developers because they can greatly increase productivity for certain programming tasks. Yet developers understand the tradeoff between the rapid application development allowed by scriping languages and the slower performance of scripting languages. Developers can greatly improve the performance of their programs, however, by writing the critical pieces of code in C. We feel we made some good design choices that make the XStream MIME APIs fairly easy to adapt to languages such as Java or Perl.

Hunny XStream MIME is a C library. Language bindings are currently available for Java, Perl, Python, and PHP. Other language bindings are coming soon.

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